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We contribute to the stable operation and reduction of environmental impact of our customers.

Our industrial cleaning agents, FOMESALINE (a cleaning agent for steel) and STAY BRIGHT (an anti-rust cleaner for metal parts), offer new value to customers in a wide range of fields by helping them achieve stable operations and reduce their environmental impact.

Metal cleaners

Higher degreasing and desmudging properties can be achieved by using this product in steel plate cleaning lines.
We can customize the type and composition to meet your needs.

  • FOMESALINE F-100 series

    Additive type cleaners
    (Clear liquid type and powder type)

  • FOMESALINE F-300 series

    All in one liquid type cleaners (Alkali + additives)

  • FOMESALINE F-700 series

    All in one slurry type cleaners(Alkali + additives, high concentration)

Metal part anti-rust cleaners

We developed a new anti-rust cleaner, STAY BRIGHT, for metal parts that combines strong cleaning power with rust protection.


Corrosion inhibitors

Our corrosion inhibitors are water soluble and show remarkable anti-rust properties under normal exposure in air and immersion in water.

  • MX-968

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