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Kao offers a wide range of products used in the manufacture of plastics and rubber, from chemicals for the emulsion polymerization of plastics and rubber to various resin additives such as plasticizers, lubricants, and antistatic agents required for processing.

Additives for emulsion polymerization

We offer a lineup of anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, and reactive surfactants with radical groups to meet your needs and requirements.

Application examples


Anionic surfactants

  • EMAL series, LATEMUL series

    Alkyl sulfates

    Polyoxyethylene alkyl ether sulfates

  • NEOPELEX series

    Alkylbenzene sulfonic acids and other sodium salts

  • PELEX series

    Diphenyl sulfonates and other sulfonates

  • LATEMUL PD series

    Reactive surfactants

  • SOAP series, FR series

    Fatty acid salts

  • DEMOL series

    Naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensates

Nonionic surfactants

  • EMULGEN series

    Polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers

    Polyoxyalkylene derivatives


Prevents various problems caused by friction during the molding process, delivering a molded product with a smooth surface, little coloring and heat degradation.
The reduction in friction due to the lubricant reduces the amount of stabilizer added and increases the MFR(melt flow rate) to improve productivity and contribute to saving energy.

Application examples


Internal lubricants

  • EXCEPARL series

    Fatty esters

  • KALCOL series

    Fatty alcohols

  • EXCEL series

    Glycerol esters

  • RHEODOL series

    Sorbitan esters

External lubricants

  • LUNAC series

    Fatty acids

  • Fatty acid amide series


  • KAO WAX series


Anti-static agents

Antistatic agents prevent dust adhesion and avoid electrostatic discharge caused during the molding process. Kao antistatic agents cover a wide range of product lineups.

Application examples


Internal/External antistatic agents

  • ELEC series

Masterbatch type

  • ELESTMASTER series

Plasticizers for PVC

We offer a wide range of products with outstanding features using plant-based materials that can be used in a variety of applications, including electronic wire, leather sheet, film and extrusion products.

Application examples


< Representative products >


    Plasticizer with superior heat and fogging resistance properties. Superior fogging resistance makes its particularly ideal for car interior leather.

< Representative products >

  • TRIMEX N-08

    High heat-resistant plasticizer. Ideal for heat-resistant wires and leather film. Demonstrates superior cold resistance, weather resistance and low volatility.

  • TRIMEX T-08A

    High heat-resistant plasticizer. Ideal for heat-resistant wires and leather film. Superior electrical properties and workability.

Other additives

We offer a range of nylon modifiers and rubber processing agents using plant-based materials. We also offer polyurethane foam catalysts from wide range of applications.

Application examples


Modifiers for Nylon

  • EXCEPARL series

Catalysts for polyurethane foam

  • KAOLIZER series

Processing agents for rubber

  • SPLENDER series

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