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ELEC & ELESTMASTER - Anti-static agents for plastics

Prevents static electricity from building up
Prevents dust and dirt adhering to plastic and causing problems during the molding process

When static charge build up on plastic surface, various problems may occur which not only reduces productivity in the molding line, but also cause dust and unwanted particles to adhere to finished products. Based on the interface control technology Kao has developed over many years, we offer anti-static agents “ELEC" and "ELESTMASTER” for plastics.
We offer various solutions depending on type of resins, molding methods and applications.

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Kao offers three types of anti-static agents; resin kneaded type, master batch type, and coating type.




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Compatible to resin with a high Tg
Anti-static agents kneaded into the resin migrate to the surface of the product, creating an anti-static effect. However, anti-static agents are less likely to migrate to the surface in resins if the Tg (Glass Transition Temperature) is above room temperature or the crystallinity is high.
Kao has developed anti-static agents that are effective even in those conditions.

Optimum product

Resins Products Type
PS ELEC PC Kneaded type
ELESTMASTER S-520 Masterbatch type
ELESTMASTER SB-10 Masterbatch type
ABS ELESTMASTER A-1015 Masterbatch type
HD-PE ELESTMASTER HE-510 Masterbatch type

Anti-static effect of masterbatch type HD-PE anti-static agent (Extrusion molding)

Anti-static effect immediately after molding
Kao has developed fast-acting anti-static agents which bring high anti-static performance immediately after molding.

Optimum product

Target resin Series Appearance
ELEC HS-12N White needle
ELEC HS-12PA Pale yellow-white solid
PVC (flexible) KS-555 Liquid

Comparison of anti-static agents speed of onset

Preventing volatilization of anti-static agent during molding process
Volatilization of the anti-static agent kneaded into the resin during molding may reduce workability or lead to poor appearance of the finished product. Kao has developed an anti-static agent with excellent thermal stability “ELEC TS-6” with less volatile components derived from anti-static agents.

Optimum product

Target resin Series Appearance
PP ELEC TS-6B Light yellow beads

Weight change of anti-static agent in thermogravimetric analysis

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Kao's anti-static agents can be used in a wide range of general-purpose resin.


Automotive interior


Liquid crystal display


Home appliances


Household products


Food containers


Film packaging

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