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What is an anti-static agent?




Kao’s anti-static agents

Mechanism of anti-static agents

Electrical properties of plastics

Most plastics are insulators. As a result, static electricity generated on the surface builds up and can cause a variety of static electricity problems.


Molecular structure of anti-static agents

One of the various functions of surfactants is antistatic performance. An anti-static effect can be obtained by kneading or applying on to the surface of the plastic product.


Kneading anti-static agents into plastic …

The kneaded anti-static agents are dispersed in the resin immediately after molding.


The anti-static agents gradually migrate to the surface of the plastic, forming a conductive layer on the surface and remove static electricity.


Effect of anti-static agents

By using anti-static agents...

Prevents the attraction of dust and dirt, maintaining a dust-free product surface.


Eliminates film blocking and improves workability


Blocking prevention of anti-static agents

Avoid heat seal failure due to powder adhesion.

Improves printing quality on plastic surface

Reduce static electricity problems on plastic molding lines.

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