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Helping to reduce the load on our environment with color.

“Color” plays a role in brightening our lives.
At present, paints and inks are required not only to add beauty, but also functionality.
Kao makes a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of its products by offering a wide range of chemicals that meet the wide range of functions required in the paint and ink fields, and by developing chemicals that comply with environmental regulations.

Solvent based dispersant/Anti-static agents

Improving the dispersion of pigments in solvents helps to prevent color separation and maintain beautiful colors forever. It can also be used as an antistatic agent.

Environmentally friendly type ethyl acetate/IPA-based dispersants

Toluene based dispersants

Ketone based dispersants

Anti-static agents

Water based dispersants

Improves pigment dispersion in water. It is effective for various dispersoids, such as organic and inorganic materials.

DEMOL series


POIZ series

  • POIZ 520
  • POIZ 521
  • POIZ 530


Has excellent stability in the emulsification and emulsion of monomers, namely acrylic and vinyl acetate.

Non-reactive emulsifiers

  • LATEMUL E-118B
  • LATEMUL E-1000A

Reactive emulsifiers

  • LATEMUL PD-104 (anionic type)
  • LATEMUL PD-420 (nonionic type)
  • LATEMUL PD-430 (nonionic type)

Wetting and penetrating agents

It reduces the interfacial tension of pigments and improves wettability and dispersion.

EMULGEN series

  • EMULGEN A-60
  • EMULGEN A-90
  • EMULGEN B-66
  • EMULGEN LS-110


The viscosity of paint and ink can be adjusted by changing the amount added.

EMANON series

  • EMANON 3199VB
  • EMANON 3299VB
  • EMANON 3299RV

Ink vehicle resins

Polyamide resin with superior adhesion, flexibility and blocking resistance. Used in gravure ink vehicles and adhesives, etc.

General-purpose vehicle resins

  • RHEOMIDE S-2800
  • RHEOMIDE S-6500

Non-toluene type vehicle resins

  • RHEOMIDE S-8200
  • RHEOMIDE S-8300
  • RHEOMIDE S-8500

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