Global Chemicals Japan

Our Business

Bringing new value for chemicals, we contribute to create a future of industry and  a sustainability of society


Senior Executive Officer,
President, Chemical Business,
Masahiro Katayose

Our Chemical Business works to address challenges faced by our customers and industries by providing innovative products and solutions.Management decisions are made based on the criteria of whether they benefit society and the environment as we work to provide an extensive range of products on a global scale to contribute to create a future for industry and a sustainability of society.

Logo of our Chemical Business


This logo was created in 1992, to serve as a guideline for future business activities in order to clarify our vision for the future.The slogan, "bringing new value for chemicals" symbolizes more than simply selling chemicals. It is also a sign of our commitment towards total customer satisfaction by imparting new, innovative functions and information to the products we sell.

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