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Contributing towards a more sustainable future

We develop and manufacture base oil 'KAOLUBE' for lubricants, stabilizer 'AKYPO' for water-miscible metalworking fluids and other eco-friendly chemicals with high value added.

Lubricant base oils

By proprietary technologies on molecular design, we develop a wide variety of esters and provide to our customers as lubricant base oils.


  • Polyol esters /Sorbitan fatty acid ester /Glycerol fatty acid ester etc.

Other esters

Lubricant additives

We provide a wide variety of lubricant additives, including surfactants, fatty amines, fatty acids and alcohols.

Stabilizer for metalworking fluids (AKYPO)

  • Alkyl ether carboxylic acids


  • Polyoxyethylene alkyl ethers

Fatty amines

Fatty acids/Glycerin

Fatty alcohols

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