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Kao's technology aids in the realization of printing that is in harmony with the planet and people's lives.

Kao's people and environmentally friendly printing materials propose further improvements to the value of digital printing, ideal for “small lot,” “variable” and “waste-free” printing.

Inks and Pigment dispersants for inkjet

Applying “dispersion technology” developed over many years through Kao's work in the development of detergents to pigment dispersion,
Kao has developed the pigment dispersants for inkjet with superior color developing properties and stability.
We are offering not only a pigment dispersant but also a water-based ink with harnessing these characteristics.



    Water-Based ink that is friendly to people and the planet
    VOC-free design
    High quality printing on a range of materials from paper to film materials

Toners and Toner binders

Boasting high strength while also being able to melt at low temperatures due to its precise molecular design, Kao's polyester resin is widely used as a binder for toners used in copiers and printers. We are offering not only a binder for toners but also a toner with making full use of these resin-like properties.



    Polyester toner/binder
    Demonstrates both low temperature fusing, storage stability and durability
    Superior internal additive dispersion
    Small particle size, high quality toner

  • LUNATONE (under development)

    Ultra-low energy fusing toner for industrial printing
    Applicable for printing media weak to heat
    2021 winner of the Environmental Technology Award of the Japanese Chemical Industry Association

Polyester emulisons

Kao’s polyester resin can also be used as an aqueous emulsion. It can also be used in adhesives and surface modifiers.


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