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LUNATONE (under development) - Environmentally friendly next-generation toner

Compatible with a wide range of print media from paper to film

Kao is currently developing LUNATONE as a toner for next-generation printers, which can be fixed at a lower temperature by 20℃ than that of conventional toner.
By installing LUNATONE, it is possible to print on a wide range of printing media, from paper to heat sensitive film, with a single printer, and it is expected to realize an economical and environmentally friendly printer.


Introducing LUNATONE

Expansion of printing application scenes with LUNATONE

Contributing to in-house production of printed materials in stores and offices

Low-temperature fusing printing technology of LUNATONE enables printing on a variety of media, including paper, water-resistant materials, and film labels.
It can be expected to be used in a wide range of scenes, such as printing labels and promotional materials for retail businesses such as supermarkets, individual shops, and restaurants, document printing in offices, educational materials and exhibits at schools and exhibitions.


Retail stores

Eliminating the stock of excess flyers
Useful for original labels

・Original goods


Private shops

Creating originality with a wide variety of packaging designs

・Film packages
・Price tags
・Original goods



Reducing waste of brochures and novelties with Print on Demand (POD)

・Novelties (Clear folders, etc.)
・Presentation materials

Example of printing using LUNATONE

In-house production of printed materials for stores and offices

Since LUNATONE can be printed on film, it is possible to produce printed materials in-house such as POP and labels, which have been outsourced in the past.


Versatile label printing

Printing using LUNATONE is suitable for a wide variety of needs, such as extremely small lot labels, creation of original goods, and hasty printing at events.
・Any designs can be printed instantly from one sheet
・Both paper and film labels can be printed
・Five-color printing with a white toner is possible


Significant reduction in CO2 emissions

LUNATONE requires lower thermal energy during fusing and enables high-color printing with a small amount of toner by excellent spreading and covering on media. This eco-friendly toner, LUNATONE, can reduce CO2 emissions by 40% compared to a conventional toner, by reducing power consumption and toner consumption during printing.
*2021 Japan Chemical Industry Association Environmental Technology Award


Technology of LUNATONE

Highly structure-controlled encapsulated particles

Kao's proprietary polyester design technology and nano-interface control technology has realized fine encapsulated structure particles as ”a core portion that melts at low temperature” covered with “a shell portion that retains its strength as a powder”.


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