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With technologies resulting from years of research, our Chemical Business provides optimal solutions that meet diverse customer needs.

Kao's diverse lineups of industrial chemical products have an extensive track record and are widely used in a broad range of applications worldwide in a variety of industries.

Solutions for business fields


Asphalt, Civil Engineering & Construction

We have developed a range of chemicals and additives for the construction industry by applying its core technologies, including interface science to offer solutions stemming from our knowledge of chemicals that meet a variety of applications and onsite conditions


Semiconductors & Electronics

We offer comprehensive solutions for a range of challenges faced in the cleaning of electronic components, precision parts and machinery.


LUNAJET®, a water-based pigment inkjet ink

Introducing LUNAJET® for a people and environmentally friendly IJ ink, a water-based pigment inkjet ink utilizing Kao's unique pigment nano-dispersion technology to reduce VOC emissions.



We provide unique solutions based on Kao biotechnologies to customers aiming to contribute to a low-carbon, sustainable society.



Harnessing the technologies and experience we have acquired working together with our customers, we offer a variety of casting solutions.

Solutions by sustainable materials

CNF solution

LUNAFLEX® a custom-made CNF composite material


Introducing LUNAFLEX®, a CNF (Cellulose Nanofiber) material that can be modified (hydrophobization) to suit a variety of purposes and applications of customers.

LUNAFLOW®, CNF slippery liquid coating agent

LUNAFLOW® is a water-based mold release agent using CNF.

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