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Helping to realize higher quality electronic components with advanced functions

As we move towards next generation communication technologies, such as 5G and 6G technologies, in recent years, electronic devices have become smaller with more advanced functions, and higher performance is now demanded of electronic components.
Based on the interface control technology Kao has cultivated over many years in a wide range of fields from home use to industrial use, Kao has developed the KAOCER series of agents for broad application in the field of fine ceramics.
We can help to improve the quality of a range of products across all processes in the field of fine ceramics with a range of chemical agents that boast a variety of superior properties.

Dispersants for fine ceramics

The superior dispersion mechanism enables dispersion with a small particle size, contributing to product miniaturization. Because the use of metal salts is limited to zero, it can be widely used in ceramics where ash content adversely affects quality.

Anionic dispersants

  • KAOCER 2000

Cationic dispersants


Filtration agents

Demonstrates superior drainage in the dehydration process of high concentration, low viscosity anionic slurry. This product uses nearly no metal salts, and can be used widely in ceramics where ash content adversely affects quality.


Grinding aids

This is a new type of surface modifier for inorganic powders, comprised mainly of derivatives of natural oils and fats. Improved crushing efficiency helps reduce energy and manufacturing costs.

  • KAOCER 1110

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