Why choose Kao-Quaker

Driving force behind our research & development

Kao’s "Total development capabilities"

- Development of reliable and proven casting products -

Kao-Quaker draws on the comprehensive development capabilities of the Kao Group to conduct R&D activities to contribute to the production of high-quality casting.


Advanced technologies cultivated in a range of industrial chemical businesses



Chemical synthesis

Synthesis and optimization of new products


Synthesis and optimization of new products

Highly functional furan and alkaline phenol binders with superior environmental performance


EG Runner

Paper-based casting runners to achieve improved work efficiency and a reduction in waste materials(Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award)

Working together

"Genba-ism" adopted by Kao-Quaker

- Total support from "Good molding manufacturing" to "Good casting manufacturing" -

We believe that our true mission lies beyond the delivery of our products.
We believe that our true mission lies beyond the delivery of our products. Based on our motto of becoming your total solution partner, we offer support in "Good molding manufacturing" with our extensive facilities and equipment, and help resolve issues in "Good casting manufacturing" through our "Hands-on approach."


On-site testing

On-site testing at customer facilities


Comprehensive proposals

Comprehensive proposals are made by our sales, research and engineering divisions


Pouring tests

We have a 300 kg high-frequency induction furnace that is used for casting tests on newly developed products and joint research with customers



Analysis of casting sand and the surface condition of cast products

Global expansion throughout Asia

We aim to play an indispensable role in Good casting manufacturing around the world

Kao-Quaker quality contributes to the casting industry and casting around the world

With production bases in Japan, Thailand, and China, Kao-Quaker is expanding globally, with a particular focus on Asia. We accommodate a range of customer requirements with advanced technologies and superior quality anywhere in the world to support global casting.



Kao Huludao Casting Materials Co., Ltd.


Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai


Kao Industrial(Thailand)

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