Alkaline phenol binders for casting sand KAO STEP

Alkaline phenol binders harden the mold as a result of a chemical reaction between a highly alkaline phenol resin and organic ester.As a process capable of producing high quality castings, this process is the second most popular in labor intensive, high-mix, low-volume production, following furan self-hardening binders.

Features of KAO STEP

  • Because the binder does not contain sulfur (S), there are no sulfur-derived casting defects and odors during pouring can be reduced.
  • Due to the high collapsibility of the mold (mold does not show deformation as a result of the hardening of the casting), it is possible to reduce thermal cracking and veining.
  • Past issues, such as the yield rate of recycled sand and mold strength can be drastically improved.
  • We also offer products with a range of features, such as improved curing speed, longer pot life, easier mold release after pouring, and reduced odor.
  • In place of organic esters, we also offer gas-cured alkaline phenol resin that can be cured instantly with carbon dioxide.
  • We are working proactively to reduce our green house gas emissions, which contribute to global warming. 100% of the power used to manufacture our alkaline phenol resins is renewable energy.



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Improved mold productivity Alkaline phenol self-hardening resin

KAO STEP SH-8300 is an alkaline phenol self-hardening resin that combines the features of "fast hardening" and "extended bench life".



Product features

(1) Fast hardening

  • Mold stripping time can be shortened.

(2) Extension of bench life

  • Moulding workability is improved

Fast hardening

When compared with the same hardener, the hardening speed can be improved while maintaining the bench life


塗型剤乾燥時の水分量の比較 (赤外線パネルヒーター使用)


塗型剤乾燥時の水分量の比較 (赤外線パネルヒーター使用)

Compare conditions
  • Types of Sand: Reclaimed silica sand
    Dossage of resin: 1.3% based on sand
    Hardener type: WH-10(5℃), WH-25(25℃)
    Dossage of hardener: 20% based on resin

Extended bench life

If the stripping time is constant at the same hardening speed, the bench life can be extended.

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塗型剤乾燥時の水分量の比較 (赤外線パネルヒーター使用)

Compare conditions
  • Evaluation conditions: 25°C/55% RH, Reclaimed silica sand
    Dossage of resin: 1.3% versus sand
    Dossage of hardener: 20% versus resin

Representative characteristic values

It can be handled in the same way as a standard product.

Principal component appearance viscosity
(25°C, mPa・s)
specific gravity
(5% aqueous solution)
Japanese Fire Service Act
Alkaline phenolic resin Yellow~Reddish-brown
45 1.20 12.9 Not applicable

Packaging: Lorry, container (1,100kg), drum (230kg)

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