Casting runner - EG RUNNER

EG RUNNER is an innovational casting runner born from Kao's new molding technology. It offers functions and ease of use that are not found in conventional ceramic runners, contributing to improved workability and reduced waste.

Features of EG RUNNER

  • Improves mold workability, reducing overall work time.
  • It is made from light and durable material, making it easy to carry.
  • It can be easily cut with very little dust.
  • It can be fitted together for easy joints and connections.
  • EG RUNNER is environmentally friendly, made from recycled pulp, leaving very little waste after the pour.
  • There is no contamination of foreign matter, such as ceramic runner debris, when removing the mold, improving sand quality and mold strength.
  • Comes in a range of sizes: φ30, φ40, φ50, φ60, φ70, φ100 (S only). Available in straight (S), elbow (L) and cheese (T) shapes.
  • Filter cases and large elbows with a bent radius (SL) are also available.


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