Productivity improvement


We provide products and services that enhance work efficiency and casting quality, helping to improve productivity.

Full-mold core wash and mold paint - FURANCLEAN PC-290


Enhances the quality of cast products

  • Superior coating properties help to form a superior film of coating.
  • FURANCLEAN is both burn-on resistant and helps to reduce residue, enhancing the quality of cast products.

Innovational runner made from recycled paper - EG RUNNER


Environmental improvement

  • Almost no debris is generated when the mold is disassembled, reducing waste materials.
  • Greatly reduces dust when cutting.

Improved workability

  •  EG RUNNER is lightweight and can be easily connected, reducing worktime.

Realizing stable mold production - Catalyst Supply Controller


Improved workability

  • The Catalyst Supply Controller automatically adjusts the mix ratio of two types of catalysts to the change in sand temperature, maintaining a pre-set hardening speed.

Makes the management of catalysts easier

  • Only two types of catalysts are used all year round.
  • The addition of the catalysts is automatically controlled to optimize the amount used.
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