Core wash and mold paint - Furanclean®

Furanclean is a core wash and mold paint for high-quality casting and easy application.Kao-Quaker offers a range of unique products for a variety of applications, from aluminum castings to thick cast iron and cast steel castings.

Features of Furanclean®

  • Superior in preventing collapse of spheroidal graphite particles in ductile cast iron castings unique to furan resin molds.
  • We can propose products suitable for all applications, such as spraying, dipping and brushing.
  • Superior burn-on resistance and prevention of veining helps to reduce finishing processes.
  • We can propose a range of quick-drying, water-based core washes and mold paints.
  • Water-based core wash and mold paints for full-mold casting demonstrate a high resistance to burn-on and reduces residue defects in foam molds.


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