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Fine Cleaning Center

Kao has established the Fine Cleaning Center, offering the opportunity for customers to be involved in a range of on-site testing and analyses as part of our efforts to offer technical solutions for a range of cleaning processes.
Looking to optimize not only cleaning agents but also the processes in which they are used, our Fine Cleaning Center offers fast solutions for a range of cleaning and stripping applications for electronic circuit boards, modules and precision components.




Horizontal type inline deflux cleaning machine

Enables high-pressure spray cleaning of the same standard as mass production equipment.
Testing can be performed on a variety of samples, including package substrates, modules, and component packaging.


Dry film stripper machine (spray)

Both amine and amine-free strippers can be tested.
By determining the stripping performance using equipment equivalent to factory machinery, mass production process could easily be fixed.


Large ultrasonic cleaner  

Can clean large workpieces up to 30 cm square.
Cleaning performance can be confirmed by adjusting the frequency.


High resolution microscope

The high resolution microscope make it possible to view miniature parts up to several microns (μm).
It is also possible to create a simulated three-dimensional image and measure the height.

Advantages of using the Fine Cleaning Center

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