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Reduce environmental load

Kao is committed to reducing environmental footprint through the use of cleaning agents that can reduce wastewater and energy costs while also improving work safety without compromising on cleaning performance.

Oil/water separation type deflux cleaner

By separating the cleaning agent and the removed oil contaminants from the rinse water, CLEANTHROUGH 750HS makes it possible to recycle and extend the life of the rinse water, reducing the environmental impact of wastewater.


Amine-free dry film stripper

CLEANTHROUGH A-19 does not contain amines (nitrogen content), a substance that places a significant load on wastewater, or toxic substances, and can help improve stripping performance without increasing environmental load.

Oil/water separation type precision cleaner

CLEANTHROUGH LC-841 does not contain acids, alkalines, or volatile organic solvents, and with cleaning performance equal to or greater than products that do contain them, helps contribute to improved work safety. Because it is also highly durable, it helps to reduce the frequency with which cleaners are exchanged, helping to reduce waste material. CLEANTHROUGH LC-841 also could utilize oil/water separation, reducing the amount of rinse water required.

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