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Modify surface after cleaning

Kao offers a range of cleaning agents that reduce damage to specific components during the cleaning process and improve surface properties after cleaning using interface control technology.

Cleaning agent for power electronics capable of removing oxide film

CLEANTHROUGH MX-500 demonstrates superior cleaning performance, making it possible to reduce post-process defects in power semiconductor modules that are sintered/interconnected at high temperatures by simultaneously removing the oxide film that forms on metal surface, such as copper together with organic residues.

Dry film stripper for Sn bump formation

CLEANTHROUGH A-29 enables the fabrication of fine Sn bumps by maintaining superior stripping performance while also protecting the tin (Sn) that is often dissolved due to the strong alkaline in general stripper when using dry film for the fabrication of C4 bumps.

Silicon wafer rinsing agent

Utilizing Kao's super-hydrophilization technology to prevent particle adhesion in silicon wafer production dramatically improves the wettability of the wafer surface, contributing to process reduction and improved yield.

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