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Resin removal technology for improved environmental performance, legal compliance and work safety


Resins and polymers are used in all kinds of processes in the manufacturing of semiconductors and precision parts. As final products become more sophisticated, the types of resins used are becoming more diverse, and so-called engineering plastics are becoming more widely used. Some of these resins may adhere unintentionally to the product itself, equipment, molds, etc. during the manufacturing process.
Resins and polymers are composed of strong crosslinked structures, and large number of them do not dissolve easily. Therefore, there are many cases in which highly soluble solvents or strong acids or alkaline are used to remove them.
Many solvents with high solubility, such as methylene chloride, other halogenated solvents, and N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP), pose safety concerns, and some solvents are highly volatile and flammable, which poses problems in terms of work safety and environmental impact.
On the other hand, high concentrate acids and alkaline, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, are not volatile or flammable, but many of them are classified as toxic substances and require compliance with laws and regulations.
Further, because strong chemicals are used in all cases, it is necessary to consider the effect on the final product, equipment and molds, etc. other than the resin to be removed.
Harnessing our resin and polymer control technologies, Kao has been developing a range of resin stripping and dissolving agents. By using components best suited to the chemical properties and crosslinked structure of the resin, it is possible to design products with excellent cleaning performance without using strong chemicals.
"CLEANTHROUGH PA-900" is optimized for removing resins and polymers mainly used in adhesives, such as silicone and epoxy resins. Although designed to be water-based (semi-water-based), CLEANTHROUGH PA-900 can efficiently clean not only low-molecular-weight resins, but also high-molecular-weight resins by swelling and collapsing the resin, and it exhibits performance equal to or better than solvent-based cleaners.
Used together with "CLEANTHROUGH PG-970" it is possible to further enhance performance for the removal of crosslinked and high-molecular-weight resins. By changing the mix ratio when used together, it can be optimized to suit the resin you want to remove, enabling it to be used as resin stripping/dissolving agent with extremely high cleaning performance while also being less volatile, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Especially in the production process of plastic lenses for eyeglasses, it is excellent in removing the cured resin adhered to the glass mold, and it is designed so that the glass itself is not damaged.
Kao will continue to contribute to the further development of the electronics and precision processing industries by designing cleaning agents that demonstrate superior cleaning and environmental performance, utilizing fundamental cleaning technologies, including dissolution, dispersion, and permeation technologies combined with precise analysis technologies in the synthesis, control, and cleaning processes of resins.

Product information

Environmentally friendly resin remover

Resin stripping and dissolution agents that are less volatile, non-toxic and non-flammable but have equivalent to or stronger cleaning performance than solvents and strong acids.




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