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Kao's cleaner CLEANTHROUGH

Superior cleaning power while protecting the environment
- semi-water-based cleaning agent -

Kao's industrial cleaning agent CLEANTHROUGH is a semi- water-based/water-based cleaning agents designed for superior cleaning performance, reduced environmental load and worker safety. While being water-based, CLEANTHROUGH demonstrates cleaning performance equal to or superior to solvents and is used by a wide range of customers.

Cleaners for electronics parts

Product lineup

Deflux cleaners & cleaning agents for power electronics


Deflux cleaner for package substrates and deflux cleaners for flip chip packaging of semiconductor packages.
We offer a wide range of products that meet the requirements for cleaning performance, surface protection, and usability. It is also compatible with sintering agents and high melting point solders used in the manufacture of power semiconductor modules.

Dry film strippers


Stripping agents for dry film used for wire patterns and the fabrication of solder bumps on printed circuit boards. Kao offers a product lineup that meets a variety of needs, including products with superior stripping performance that also protect the surface metal, and amine-free stripping agents for more efficient wastewater treatment.

Chemicals for semiconductors


Kao offers a range of high-purity chemicals used in manufacturing processes for semiconductors.
We offer a wide variety of cleaning agents for a range of manufacturing processes, including the removal of abrasive particles after polishing, rinsing, and the removal of liquid resist.

Cleaner for temporary bonding tapes and resists


Cleaners for temporary bonding materials(tapes and resists) used in advanced packaging process.
Capable of removing tough residues exposed to high temperature or strong lasers.

Cleaning agents for FPDs and precision parts


Cleaning agents used to remove processing oil in the manufacturing process of various precision parts.
Enables cleaning without affecting the quality of the parts while quickly removing contaminants.

Resin removers


Cleaning agents used to strip and dissolve residual resin on glass molds used in the manufacture of plastic lenses.
Products are also suitable for stripping and dissolving resins, such as silicone resins, epoxy resins, and adhesives.

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