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Kao is developing the "Healthya" business with functional health claims in Japan (Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)).
"LUNA PHENON" is a unique polyphenol material that utilizes polyphenol production technology and functional research cultivated over many years at "Healthya"

In addition to various health foods in solid and liquid form, it is also suitable for use in general processed foods such as baked goods and chocolate, and can be used for food development with an unprecedented concept.

We also actively support the development of healthy functional foods by utilizing abundant evidence and studies to develop products that combine delicious taste and health benefits to respond to various needs.

Benefits of using LUNA PHENON


Benefits of polyphenol properties in the Japan health drink "Healthya"

In Japan, in 2003, Kao launched the first tea for Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU), Healthya Green Tea, as a tea that appeals to body fat. And in 2019, we launched Healthya Green Tea α that helps reduce visceral fat. For more than 17 years since the launch of Healthya Green Tea, Healthya has continued to be supported by consumers.
The polyphenol material LUNA PHENON, which is developed by using technology and research over many years, can be used in the food development of companies in countries other than Japan.

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Use of knowledge based on abundant research data

Kao, which aims to contribute to healthy eating habits, has been focusing on "nutritional metabolism" for the first time in the world and has been engaged in cutting-edge research activities from various angles.
In conducting research on food functionality, we provide our customers with the latest knowledge regarding detailed research on functional ingredients contained in food, investigation of the actual effects on the body, and clarification of metabolic mechanisms.

Doing an inspection

Reducing the burden on customers by providing services that to support functional food claims.

For partner companies that agree with our desire to deliver the functions of LUNA PHENON to consumers and contribute to people's health, we will inform you of various services during the development stage.
Health functional food claims varies from country to country, but we are ablet to provide services in line with the rules and support your company's product development.

Supporting ducuments and data

Introduction of LUNA PHENON



It is a new tea catechin material that balances the original delicious taste and health function of green tea.
Evidence on body fat and visceral fat has been validated in various clinical trials.

【Major findings of foods with functional claims in Japan】

  • Ability to reduce visceral fat
  • Ability to reduce body fat


LUNA PHENON C-200 is professionally extracted from the carefully selected coffee beans which are rich in chlorogenic acid.

【Major findings of foods with functional claims in Japan】

  • Ability to reduce visceral fat
  • Ability to lower blood pressure for people with high blood pressure

If you have any questions or require additional information about LUNA PHENON, please use the form below.

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