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HOMOGENOL L-28E is an environmentally friendly solvent-based dispersant that does not contain environmentally regulated substances, such as toluene and ketones, and uses biomass raw materials derived from palm oil and coconut oil.

Features of HOMOGENOL L-28E

Features of HOMOGENOL L-28E


Made using environmentally friendly solvents

In line with stricter regulations being imposed on environmentally regulated substances in recent years, the use of solvents, such as toluene and ketones are becoming more regulated.
In response to such regulations, Kao has developed a dispersant made using solvents "Ethyl acetate and IPA (isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol)" that have less impact on the environment.


Made using plant-derived raw materials

"HOMOGENOL L-28E is partly made from plant-derived raw materials (palm oil, coconut oil).
Biomass marks can be obtained depending on the content of raw materials derived from biomass."


Listed in the Swiss Ordinance

HOMOGENOL L-28E is listed in the Swiss Ordinance, a European Union law governing the use of material inks for food packaging applications, so it can be safely used for food packaging.

Can be used in a variety of applications


  • Can be used with various base materials such as PE, PP, PET film.
  • Can be used for various purposes, from packaging of general everyday items to food packaging.
  • Stable printing is possible without causing streaks and plate blurs common to gravure printing.
  • Superior performance particularly with white (titanium oxide) and black (carbon black).


  • Can be used for paints containing esters and alcohol-based solvents, such as architectural paints and industrial paints.


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