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Harnessing the power of chemicals created using Kao’s core polymer function control and nano interface control technologies, Kao helps to resolve diverse issues faced by the different sectors in social infrastructure.

Key Concerns


○Government and public offices ○Local government 
○Energy, infrastructure companies

  • Building structures with lower life cycle costs
  • Maintaining aging infrastructure
  • Creating environmentally conscious social infrastructure


○General contractors ○Specialized contractors 
○Architecture firms 
○Home builders 
○Construction firms

  • Reducing worker loads with high quality, easy-to-use materials
  • Creating safe and reliable tunnel work environments
  • Designing unique environmental and structurally-oriented buildings
  • Demonstrating environmentally friendly business practices


○Construction material manufacturers ○Construction material suppliers

  • Improving material quality
  • Innovating unique, visually aesthetic products
  • Creating quieter production plants
  • Demonstrating environmentally friendly business practices


○Construction technology centers 
○Academic institutions (universities)

○General contractor technical research institutions 
○Material manufacturer product development departments

  • Finding partners for collaboration in high durability material development
  • Finding partners for collaboration in sustainability-driven material development
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