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Environmentally conscious infrastructure development


Positive recycling of waste PET

Key Concern

  • Quality of environmentally friendly products
  • Cost of environmentally conscious construction methods

Kao has innovated a new, highly durable asphalt modifier, NEWTLAC 5000. Upcycled from waste PET, this new technology exemplifies the realization of "positive recycling".

Recommended products


Construction & civil engineering foundations

Environmentally friendly foundation work

Key Concern

  • Increased sludge discharge caused by high water injection volumes leading to high disposal costs
  • Health / environmental damage as a result of cement dust

Kao's MIGHTY 21JS Series improves work execution by lowering soil cement viscosity; reducing water injection volumes and thus required sludge disposal.Also, with Kao's dust suppressants, powder dust from solidifying agents is minimized; affording a safe and reliable work environment.


Environmentally friendly foundation work

Environmental conservation during underwater / near-river construction

Key Concern

  • Execution, quality deterioration during underwater concrete placement
  • Increasing residential concerns regarding water pollution as a result of near-river construction work

Kao's thickening agent VISCO TOP is non-water polluting, facilitating safe and reliable construction.


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