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Design & construction

Reducing worker loads with high quality, easy-to-use materials

The construction industry is facing a severe shortage of engineers and technicians with the retirement of the older generation and a diminishing younger workforce. To alleviate the problem, issues of worker load reduction as well as work environment improvement have to addressed to achieve a more sustainable industry.


Faster roadworks


Kao's asphalt solutions allow for pavements with the same durability as semi-flexible pavements, significantly reducing the duration of traffic closure.

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Smooth excavation in shield tunneling


Kao's foaming agent, MIGHTY FA-S02, generates durable foam that facilitates smooth excavation; thereby improving work efficiency in tunnel construction.

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Construction & civil engineering foundations

Shortening construction times in clay soils


Kao's soil cement dispersant reduces soil cement viscosity and improves pile penetration in clay soils.

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Improving concrete quality with surfactant technology


Kao's range of chemical agents for concrete can be selected according to application and construction conditions.


Achieving long-distance concrete pumping


MIGHTY V-10 optimizes concrete pumping by conferring upon concrete appropriate viscosity, water retention and lubrication properties.

Realizing safe, reliable construction environments

The construction industry accounts for 30% of all industrial accidents; a key reason why younger generations are avoiding construction work. Ensuring a safe and secure work environment is crucial in order to continue to secure a continued labor force in the industry.


Shotcrete compliant with dust regulations for a quality work environment


Kao's special thickening agent, VISCO TOP UT can significantly reduce dust emissions from sprayed concrete.

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Precise loose gravel/water-caused void filling


With Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP, concrete/cement slurries with high fluidity and superior flow properties are achieved.

Creating unique environmental and structurally-oriented buildings

The build-to-order construction industry needs to cater to different environmental conditions, different construction conditions, as well as diversifying customer needs.

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Smooth construction even with unstable ground foundations


Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP, mitigates cement slurry seepage; allowing for proper pile construction. This thus reduces the risk of increased costs and prolonged construction periods.


Achieving long-distance concrete pumping


MIGHTY V-10 optimizes concrete pumping by conferring upon concrete appropriate viscosity, water retention and lubrication properties.


Precise concrete placement even with intricate concrete rebar


Concrete mixed using Kao's high-range water-reducing admixture, MIGHTY 21V‐SG, effortlessly flows and fills every corner of the formwork; stopping perfectly when left to settle thereby reducing material separation.

Demonstrating environmentally friendly business practices

In today's sustainability-oriented society, the construction industry needs to demonstrate environmental regulation compliance, environmentally low-impact business practices,  as well as environmentally conscious business decisions throughout the entire product life cycle to garner public trust and acceptance.


CO₂ emissions reduction by reducing construction operation temperatures


CO₂ emitted during heating and manufacture of asphalt mixtures can be reduced by approximately 15%.

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  • Kao’s warm mix asphalt binder


"Positive recycling" of waste PET into asphalt modifiers


Kao has developed an asphalt modifier, NEWTLAC 5000, that makes effective use of PET waste while also achieving highly durable road pavement.

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Revetment, construction and civil engineering foundations

Water pollution mitigation in sea, river and groundwater environments


Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP, is non-water polluting; helping to achieve safe, reliable, and efficient construction.

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Safe ground improvement works through dust control using environmentally friendly materials

Made from natural fats and oils, SKISH GP-1 is an environmentally friendly dust suppressant for cement solidification.

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Clay soil foundation waste reduction


Kao's MIGHTY 21JS Series improves work execution by lowering soil cement viscosity; reducing water injection volumes and thus required sludge disposal.Also, with Kao's dust suppressants, powder dust from solidifying agents is minimized; affording a safe and reliable work environment.


Plant decarbonization


The MIGHTY 21HP series allows for superior early strength gain while reducing the amount of steam required.

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