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Finding materials to reduce overall life cycle cost

The risks associated with rapidly aging infrastructure, such as accidents caused by road surface defects and obstacles, and damage to and collapse of concrete structures, are increasing year by year.In the face of severe economic environment and a declining number of skilled engineers, the challenge faced by industry today is to prevent accidents through preventive maintenance and minimize the lifecycle cost of infrastructure.


Reducing the frequency of road repairs with highly durable materials


Kao has developed an asphalt modifier, NEWTLAC 5000, that makes effective use of PET waste while also achieving highly durable road pavement.

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Improving concrete durability while keeping maintenance costs low


Kao's range of admixtures for concrete can be selected according to application and construction conditions.

Maintaining aging infrastructure

The risk of damages and accidents associated with social infrastructure aging (erosion/scouring-caused revetment collapse and subsurface cavities-caused road depressions etc.) is rising. Systematic and prompt countermeasures are ever more necessary as natural disasters become more severe and frequent.


Rapid, durable reinforcement of revetments


Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP, enables efficient underwater concreting while minimizing the impact on water quality.

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Precise ground foundation void-filling


With Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP, concrete/cement slurries with high fluidity and excellent fillability are achieved.

Creating environmentally conscious social infrastructure

Given its energy-intensive reputation, there is a growing need for the construction industry to reevaluate its overall planning, construction, operation, disposal processes. By doing so, we move towards a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society that coexists in harmony with the natural environment.


"Positive recycling" of waste plastic into asphalt modifiers


Kao has developed an asphalt modifier, NEWTLAC 5000, that makes effective use of PET waste while also achieving highly durable road pavement.

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Construction & civil engineering foundations

Clay soil foundation waste reduction


Kao's MIGHTY 21JS Series improves work execution by lowering soil cement viscosity; reducing water injection volumes and thus required sludge disposal.Also, with Kao's dust suppressants, powder dust from solidifying agents is minimized; affording a safe and reliable work environment.

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Water pollution mitigation in sea, river and groundwater environments


Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP, is non-water polluting; helping to achieve safe, reliable, and efficient construction.


Safeguarding people's lives with safe, reliable shotcrete


Kao's special thickening agent, VISCO TOP UT, can significantly reduce dust emissions from sprayed concrete.

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Dust control with environmentally friendly materials to safely carry out ground foundation improvement

Made from natural fats and oils, SKISH GP-1 is an environmentally friendly dust suppressant for cement solidification.

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