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Improving material quality

Even as infrastructure aging and labor shortages in the construction industry persists, required quality requirements for durability, aesthetics continue to be stricter and more complex.


Improving concrete quality with surfactant technology


Kao offers a diverse lineup of concrete admixtures that meet a wide range of applications and construction requirements.

Innovating unique, visually aesthetic products

The build-to-order construction industry needs to cater to different environmental conditions, different construction conditions, as well as diversifying customer needs.


Versatile material with superior concrete fill properties


Kao's high-range water-reducing admixture allows for concrete that demonstrates both superior flow properties and material separation resistance.

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Creating quieter production plants

Residential complaint can arise from elevated noise levels caused by concrete casting vibration processes at plants.


Improving concrete fluidity


Kao's high performance water reducing agents confer superior fluidity unto concrete under vibration; mitigating the need for vibration in concrete plants and therefore contributing to the goal of noise reduction.

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Demonstrating environmentally friendly business practices

In today's sustainability-oriented society, businesses need to demonstrate environmentally aware practices (CO₂ reduction, reduced energy usage etc.) from initial production to final delivery to garner public trust and acceptance.


Reducing the frequency of road repairs with highly durable materials


Kao has developed an asphalt modifier, NEWTLAC 5000, that makes effective use of PET waste while also achieving highly durable road pavement surfaces.

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Asphalt temperature reduction during construction


Kao's warm mix asphalt binder can reduce CO₂ emissions by approximately 15% during the heating and manufacture of asphalt mixtures.

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  • Kao’s warm mix asphalt binder

Concrete and gypsum board

Production plants decarbonization


The MIGHTY 21HP series allows for superior early strength gain while reducing the amount of steam required.

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Our MIGHTY G series significantly reduces excess water required in the production process and improves drying efficiency.Our MIGHTY FA Series accelerates the drying process and makes gypsum board lighter, making it easier to transport.

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