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Social infrastructure life cycle cost reduction 


Pavement durability enhancement

Key Concern

  • Accelerated pavement degradation affecting quality of use
  • Carrying out pavement repairs and maintenance within budget constraints

Kao's high durability pavement modifier strongly bonds asphalt and aggregate to increase pavement durability on heavy traffic roads


Key Concern

  • Noticeable age-caused pavement degradation
  • Creation of vibrant roads that blend seamlessly into the surroundings

Kao offers a range of road chemical solutions that improve the water resistance and durability of roads and streets.

Recommended products


Concrete structures

Concrete quality betterment

Key Concern

  • Concrete structure inspections/repairs frequency reduction
  • Necessary durability to ensure high work precision and design life

Kao offers a diverse lineup of concrete admixtures that meet a wide range of applications and construction requirements.


Key Concern

  • Repair, reinforcement, maintenance cost reduction
  • Aesthetics enhancement through concrete discoloration, surface void mitigation
  • Necessary durability for planned design life

With our surfactant technology, Kao contributes to the goal of beautifying concrete.


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