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Safe, reliable ground foundations 

Construction & civil engineering foundations

Cement placement works in gravel foundation

Key Concern

  • Cement slurry seepage in gravel foundations
  • Poor penetration of concrete pile due to soil collapse

Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP 300N series, mitigates cement slurry seepage; allowing for proper pile construction. This thus reduces the risk of increased costs and prolonged construction periods.


Revetment, construction & civil engineering foundations

Achieving both environmental conservation and work precision during near-water construction

Key Concern

  • Execution, quality deterioration during underwater concrete placement
  • Increasing residential concerns regarding water pollution as a result of near-river construction work

Kao's thickening agent VISCO TOP confers upon a variety of physical properties (thickening, anti-washout etc.) to inorganic powder slurries. With VISCO TOP, excellent slurry fluidity as well as precise underwater construction are achieved.



Foundation work advancements with centrifugal concrete precast

With a history spanning more than 50 years, the Kao MIGHTY 150 Series helps to improve the strength and productivity of centrifugal concrete products.

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