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Construction / production environment improvement


Concrete production plant work environment improvement

Key Concern

  • Fresh concrete workability improvement
  • Plant productivity improvement

Kao offers a diverse lineup of concrete admixtures that meet a wide range of applications and construction requirements.


Key Concern

  • Increasing number of residential noise complaints
  • Difficulties with meeting local government noise regulations 

Kao's high performance water reducing agents confer superior fluidity unto concrete under vibration; mitigating the need for vibration in concrete plants and therefore contributing to the goal of noise reduction.

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Environmental regulations compliance & productivity improvement

Key Concern

  • Shotcrete-generated dust affecting workers' health
  • Compliance with stricter dust exposure guidelines

Kao's special thickening agent, VISCO TOP UT, can significantly reduce dust emissions from sprayed concrete.


Key Concern

  • Excavated soil fluidity reduction during shield tunneling
  • Sand/soil machine blockage

Kao's foaming agent, MIGHTY FA-S02, generates durable foam that facilitates smooth excavation; thereby improving work efficiency in tunnel construction.

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Concrete & gypsum board

Plant decarbonization

Key Concern

  • Steam curing reduction during concrete precast production

The MIGHTY 21HP series allows for superior early strength gain while reducing the amount of steam required.

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Key Concern

  • Drying efficiency during gypsum board production
  • Transportation efficiency during gypsum board production

Our MIGHTY G Series significantly reduces excess water required in the production process and improves drying efficiency.Our MIGHTY FA Series accelerates the drying process and makes gypsum board lighter, making it easier to transport.


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