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Construction period shortening


Faster roadworks through productivity increase

Key Concern

  • Minimizing required road closure duration during roadworks
  • Productivity increase requirements to meet short construction deadlines

Kao's asphalt solutions allow for pavements with the same durability as semi-flexible pavements, significantly reducing the duration of traffic closure.By allowing for asphalt temperature reduction, productivity is increased and faster roadworks completion is achieved.

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Construction & civil engineering foundations

Shortened pile construction periods & waste reduction

Key Concern

  • Due to unstable gravel foundations, sand/soil excavation is difficult even with bentonite slurry
  • Cement slurry injection prior to pile construction is required for foundation reinforcement to prevent bore hole collapse 

Kao's thickening agent, VISCO TOP, eliminates the need for cement slurry injection prior to pile construction even in unstable gravel ground. Required cement injection and generated sludge amounts are hence reduced.


Key Concern

  • Poor pile insertion leading to construction delays
  • Increased sludge discharge caused by high water injection volumes leading to high disposal costs

Kao's dispersant, MIGHTY 21JS series, reduces soil cement viscosity thereby improving pile penetration in clay soils; allowing for sludge reduction.



Ease of construction facilitation

Key Concern

  • Premix mortar quality betterment

Kao's powder-form MIGHTY demonstrates superior early fluidity and early strength gains; reducing required construction time. A varied lineup of products boasting superior flow retention is also available.

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Key Concern

  • Minimizing blockage, accidents during concrete pumping

MIGHTY V-10 optimizes concrete pumping by conferring upon concrete appropriate viscosity, water retention and lubrication properties.

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