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High performance specialty thickener VISCO TOP

For superior workability and high quality construction


Background & challenges

Risk of damage due to aging and natural disasters

Aging of infrastructure and shortage of workers in the construction industry are accelerating. While the burden of maintenance and upgrades is increasing, there are concerns that waterside facilities, such as ports, quays, and river management facilities, in particular, will be damaged due to aging, and that collapse resulting from natural disasters will cause serious damage to the surrounding area.


Concerns about water pollution surrounding construction in the vicinity of underwater and rivers

There are growing concerns that concrete poured in water and at the waterside may contaminate waterways around the construction site and impact on the natural ecosystem.


High performance specialty thickener, VISCO TOP

VISCO TOP is a concrete thickener comprised primarily of a surfactant, and imparts a variety of physical properties to concrete, including thickening and the prevention of material segregation in water to realize superior workability and reliable construction quality.



①Superior workability

  • Maintains high fluidity even with increased viscosity
  • Superior flow properties allowing it to be poured into narrow spaces
  • Can be easily cleaned with high pressure water

②Reliable construction quality

  • Prevents material separation in water
  • Demonstrates superior material separation resistance and seepage prevention


Prevents material separation in water

Slurry will not separate, even in water


Rheology modifier VISCO TOP

High fluidity

Flows freely even when thickened


High flowability of VISCO TOP concrete

Flows freely without contaminating the surrounding water


Anti-washout concrete with self-flowing properties

Prevention of material separation & seepage

Prevents sedimentation of inorganic powder



Prevention of seepage into gravel ground

Workability/easy to clean

Can be washed away easily


Easy-to-clean cement slurry

Cement mixers can also be cleaned easily



Environmental conservation during construction in waterways and around rivers

Main projects

River, port revetment workDam reinforcementPile construction near waterways


Source: Marine Vision News Vol. 50, Utoro area, Shari-cho, Hokkaido

Utoro Port: Underwater anti-washout concrete poured as foundation concrete for new breakwater construction

Efficient concrete pouring into holes with residual water

Main projects

Trenching for buried pipe at power plants;Filling underground holes, pipe sealing, etc.

Safe work


Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant: Removal of contaminated water from pipe trenches

  • Piping exceeding 100 m
  • Residual water in pipes
  • Pipe trenches filled without gaps

Pouring cement without cement slurry seepage in gravel foundations

Main projects

Measures to counter cement seepage in pile construction,Measures to counter jamming in soil improvement works


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